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This project seeks to develop and pilot a decentralized digital identity platform which leverages Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to help government and industry leaders facilitate seamless and more secure international travel. Together with a community of travel security experts, policymakers, businesses and international organisations, the project will achieve this by:

Piloting the KTDI concept in a cross-border context:

In collaboration with a consortium comprised of the Government of Canada and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Accenture, airlines, airports and technology providers, the Forum is currently piloting components of the KTDI concept in a real-life, cross-border context.

Advancing safer travel in the face of COVID-19 impacts:

As the aviation, travel and tourism industry plans for recovery and identifies strategies to restore trust in travel in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of technologies such as those leveraged by the KTDI concept (i.e. biometrics, blockchain and digital identity) is now more crucial than ever. The Forum will facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue to gather insights and develop actionable strategies to promote more secure travel through improved border and health screening, touchless passenger processes, and more effective use of data.

Developing tools and guidance for scalability with the end goal of global interoperability:

The Forum recently published the KTDI Specifications Guidance white paper, which describes the technical foundation underpinning the KTDI platform and documents the standards, guidelines, and specifications that the Pilot Group has leveraged to build the KTDI solution in the areas of self-sovereign or decentralized identity, blockchain, and aviation. This report aims to inspire additional pilots and assess interoperability with other ongoing initiatives in the digital identity space in the travel industry and beyond.

Influencing global public policy:

Engaging with international organizations, standards bodies and industry associations including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to inform the ongoing development of digital travel credentials and influence global policy making.

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