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Grattan on Friday: Government juggles health security and wealth security as China travel ban extended

Seen as a political narrative, the Morrison government’s handling of the coronavirus (COVID-19) fits the patterns of its approaches on border security and anti-terrorism. Stressing the central imperative is to “keep Australians safe”, it has taken the most risk-averse path. With the exception of returning Australians and their immediate families, the border has been closed […]

Going travelling? Don’t forget insurance (and to read the fine print)

Over the past year, Australians took almost 11 million international trips. We’re among the world’s leading international travellers on a per-capita basis. Australians took more than 3.5 million trips to Asia in the past year. Indonesia (especially Bali), Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia are the most popular destinations in the region. This is […]

Why NZ’s tough coronavirus travel rules are crucial to protecting lives at home and across the Pacific

New Zealand’s border restrictions will come with significant job and business losses in the tourism sector, both at home and in the Pacific. But the new travel rules are absolutely necessary to protect the health of New Zealanders and people right across Pacific Islands, because New Zealand is a gateway country for many travellers entering […]